7 secrets to staging your furniture so your home sells faster (or looks better)

7 secrets to staging your furniture

It’s no secret.

Especially with all the renovation shows on TV these days.

The way you stage the furniture in your home makes a huge difference.

A difference in how much you impress potential buyers.

Or your visiting guests.


People make up their minds about your place within 10 seconds of walking into your home.

And it’s all done on an unconscious level.

Where people will immediately “feel” if they like something or not.

But not always able to explain why.

It all has to do with things like…


Traffic flow.

Focal points.



If any of those elements are off, our internal senses register it as something “not right”.

And we come away feeling uneasy.


7 secrets to staging your furniture

The good news is, you can quickly learn how to make all these elements work for you.

Once you understand what they are, it’s easy to make any room in your house look better.

Using what you already have.

To help you get it right here is a quick video on the 7 secrets professional home stagers use to make your home sell faster.

Or make a better impression on your friends.

So to recap.

7 secrets to staging your furniture

  1. Avoid having too much or too little furniture in a room

  2. Use the right scale of furniture to fit the room’s size

  3. Create balance in the room by using the 4 quadrants properly

  4. Determine the focal point and function of the room

  5. Have enough space to create an easy traffic flow

  6. Create multiple seating areas (if the room allows it)


Once you begin staging your rooms you may discover that some furniture pieces no longer work for you.

They may be too large or too small.

Either way you may find yourself needing to visit some furniture stores in Victoria BC.

At Insideout Homestore, we have a wide variety of furniture and accessories to help you complete your look.

Everything from Sofa to chairs. Area rugs and coffee tables.

No matter what you need, we can help you find it – just like we did for this customer

We have worked with Sue at Insideout Home Store on both a personal and professional level. The knowledge and design expertise that Sue has is amazing and she is absolutely wonderful to work with. Her style is exactly what we love to enjoy and when we were selling our home she helped us choose pieces that would make our home look great and get us top dollar. Now that we have moved, whenever we visit Victoria, Insideout continues to be a must visit destination.
Candace and Scott S.


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