victoria bc furniture stores insideout

Downtown & Around Magazine Showcases Insideout Furniture Store

Recently we were visited by Pamela Sylvan Editor-in-Chief of Downtown & Around magazine – a jazzy magazine that’s quickly gaining a big voice.

Pamela wrote a beautiful piece about our furniture store here in Victoria BC that I just had to share here on our blog.

victoria bc furniture stores insideout

Creating Home – An InsideOut Approach

Home.  Hands down, it’s one aspect of our lives where we constantly strive to create a sense of beauty, comfort, joy and belonging.

From our early ancestors to recent décor and design mavens, the ‘how-to’ in creating just the right touch and bringing in a sense of life to our spaces is a fulltime occupation in the minds and souls of many.  And why not?  At the end of the day all we want is a place, preferably somewhere beautiful, to rest and recoup our weary souls and enjoy time spent with loved ones and friends.

Home design expert, Sue Toby, is someone in Victoria BC that gets it and gets it done for many looking for that special home-grown touch.  She understands the needs and relationship to people and to the place they call home.

As I sat in her store chatting with this effervescent local design expert, it was evident of her desire to create comfort.  Before she was even aware of what I do, she plopped me into the most sumptuous and cosy, slipcovered armchair possible. I was lost.  The only thing missing I mentioned to her was a wine glass, within moments she promptly placed one in my hand before I knew what was happening.

Viola! An instant connection was born!

During my time in Sue’s design house, InsideOut Home Store, 1627 Store Street, Victoria BC, clients, browsers, buyers and friends passed through wondering what the good time was all about.

Toby shared stories sprinkled with insights about life, love, travel and of course décor.  We shared our respective journeys and how we are now at a point in life we can now recycle the best and most beautiful pieces and bits of wisdom gathered along the way.  It was interesting how home design encapsulated the stories of one’s life.

InsideOut is not only about retail home furnishings, Sue and team are also set to provide Home Packages and Design Services.  Home packages provide you with a one-stop shop that leaves you stress-free while saving you time and money.  An installation team will unpack every last item, discard any waste, wash the linens and dishes, and even make the beds! All your goods are warehoused at no extra cost.

Toby’s coastal living style is emphasized through the pieces she carries in her store.  “Your home is meant to make you feel cozy, warm and good”, stated Sue. “Living with furniture you don’t like or that is too heavy is bound to make you feel trapped”.

Not sure what it will look like in your space?  No problem!  Toby will allow you to take your desired piece home to see if it fits comfortably into your space and life.  One of her most favoured sellers is the Ashyby Bed.  Its simplicity does not disguise the sheer comfort of the bed itself.

Another popular item are her vast assortment of beautiful indoor/outdoor rugs from Turkey and Belgium.  Their sturdiness, versatility and design and colour selection make them a difficult item to keep in stock.

Keep an eye out for Sue as she continues to bring her unique take on design, décor and a bit of life’s wisdom here on D & a all meant to create beauty, comfort and happiness we all desire and deserve.  Stay tuned!

Sue-Toby-and Pamela-Sylvan-at-Insideout-Homestore-a-victoria-bc-furniture-store

Pamela Sylvan & Sue Toby at the Insideout Furniture Store