When looking at furniture stores in Victoria BC, Insideout Homestore is not your typical shopping destination.

The best way to describe our store is easy living. You know, that “I would rather be living in the Hamptons on vacation my whole life” kind of feel.

To achieve that feeling is not that difficult.

It’s actually rather easy especially when you see the kind of furniture and accessories our store has to offer.

People walk in here and immediately “get” it. Take for example what this customer had to say…

I love this store. Love the laid back, everyday comfort, beachy, breezy, put your feet up, carefree style. Love their accessories. We bought 2 of their sofas for our great room with the removable slipcovers, and we love them and their practicality.

Donna W.

See what I mean?

That’s what the Hampton style is all about.

The feeling of being totally away from all the harshness of our jobs, traffic, demanding people and the fast pace of modern life.

It’s about having that “laid back, everyday comfort, beachy, breezy, put your feet up, carefree style.”

And our whole store is filled with everything you need to make any room in your home look and feel just like that.


If you’re not quite sure what the Hampton look is all about, here is video that shows you what it is and how you can get that look for yourself.

Quite a beautiful relaxing look, wouldn’t you say?

Sure it’s not everyone’s taste, but if this is something you find appealing you should come down to our store and take a look.

One of our specialties is our designing ability.

That way you never have to worry about picking out the wrong pieces, the wrong colors or the wrong fabrics.

We’re here to take all that stress away from you make sure everything looks and fits perfectly in your home.

Come check us out here in the heart of downtown (there’s lots of easy parking around our store).

You can find us here:

Insideout Homestore - Furinture Store Victoria BC