I had the best experience with Insideout Homestore

“I had the best experience”

Not every homeowner has an eye for decorating.

A lot of people are completely lost when it comes to knowing what to do to make their home look amazing.

Whether it’s figuring out what color the room should be.

Or how to arrange the furniture.

Or what accessories to get to give it that finishing touch.

It can all be a bit confusing.

Especially when it comes to what kind of sofas & chairs to get when you have so many different furniture stores in Victoria to shop in.

At our Insideout Homestore we LOVE helping out customer like this.


Because it gives us chance to flex our design muscles.

And show off just how different we are from everyone else.

But don’t take my word for it.

Read for yourself why one customer from Calgary loved his experience with our store here in Victoria…

furniture stores victoria bc sofas

Now when was the last time you had someone from a furniture store here in Victoria BC help you out quite like that? Our main objective is to deliver contemporary upholstered furniture of the highest quality, ensuring that each piece exceeds consumers’ expectations, so they are proud to have chosen our furniture.

Happens everyday in our downtown location:

Insideout Homestore - Furinture Store Victoria BC