The best way to test new colors on your walls

They say a change is as good as a rest.

And a change in the way a room looks can have also have a powerful effect.

Imagine for a moment all the different ways you can change how a room looks.

You can buy all new slipcovered furniture.

Maybe rearrange what you already have in there.

Or change the color on the walls.

Of the three possibilities mentioned above, color seems to be the most daunting.

Mainly because it has the power to entirely transform the way a room looks and feels.

And the problem is no one wants to make a mistake.

Especially with the amount of work you have to go through.

Picking the color.

Moving everything away from the walls.

Painting everything.

Setting it all up again.

Only to discover you hate the color.

Plus if you paid someone to do the painting – things can get expensive.

The general feeling then becomes why fix something that isn’t broken?

It’s a lot easier to leave it alone and not risk the time and expense.

And beige wins out again.


We all know color can really liven up a room.

It can make it more inviting and intimate.

It can cool it down if it has a south facing exposure.

Or warm it up if it faces north.

Sometimes creating a feature wall is all you need.

Whatever the case, the question remains the same.

How do you pick the right color and not make costly mistake?

The answer, as it turns out is not all that complicated.

In a previous blog post on our website called…

How to choose the perfect color for any room in your home

We talked about all the design elements that go into choosing a color.

Elements like architecture, the use of the room, room direction, etc.

In this article we are going to expand a bit further on the concepts.

The following video we’re going to go over a few of the basics again.

But what’s really valuable is how you can “test” colors on your wall without much time and expense.

This test allows you to see how light affects it throughout the day and night.

A color may look great in morning light but dull in the afternoon.

It might do well in overcast conditions but be nasty under afternoon light.

Then there’s what it looks like under artificial light.

Or how well (or not so well) it goes with your existing furniture

So how do you test it without making a huge commitment?

Watch the video below and find out:

Pretty cool idea wouldn’t you say?


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