The Transition from Crib to Bed

Introducing the Grayson Bed; let’s make your Pinterest dreams come true!

The Grayson bed was designed by Sue’s daughter Maria after she just couldn’t find the perfect transition bed for her toddler. As a lot of parents can relate, the idea of moving your child from the crib to a bed is a daunting thought! It’s almost like a horror movie; the fears of your child standing over you in the middle of the night or walking around the house in the dark like an intruder! Although creating a space your child is excited about may help the process.

Maria was pleasantly surprised by the success of the transition with her toddler,

and swears the Grayson bed was the key to success! The fence gives a sense of security and ease with the transition although can be easily removed to grow with the child.

The Transition from Crib to Bed can be a a difficult one. Luckily,the Grayson bed is made to order in Victoria BC by a local craftsman who’s prides himself on safety and perfection. It is made with Poplar wood which is a species of wood that is commonly used in woodworking. You can find poplar in many furniture projects, toys, and wood turnings because of its durability and beautiful smooth finish.

We choose to use a child friendly paint made by Benjamin Moore called Natura paint which has many perks as listed below.

The Transition from Crib to Bed Safety Specs

  • Certified asthma & allergy friendly
  • Zero VOC
  • Zero Emissions
  • 100% Acrylic
  • Provides a durable, washable film
  • Spatter-resistant
  • Unlimited colour selection

Transition Tips

  1.  Show your toddler photos of the bed beforehand to create some excitement
  2.  Allow them to pick the bedding (only providing two options that you have pre- approved)
  3.  Make it a place they are proud of to create a sense of ownership

Decorating Tips

  1. Twinkle lights are always a good idea! They give a magical ambiance to the room and can be the replacement for a night light
  2. Lots of pillows makes for lots of comfort
  3. Hang paper air planes or a felt flower garlands from the top to add some personality

A lot of parents seem to be resisting the “toddler” bed now a days; they are cheaply made, only used for a year or two, and lets be honest….they are not aesthetically pleasing! With the birth of Pinterest, all of our expectations and visions of our home have changed. Pinterest worthy photos of children’s rooms have ignited a new found inspiration to create beautiful spaces for our children that are more of an extension of our home, rather then the typical juvenile room packed with disposable toys.

Pop into Insideout Homestore and allow us to assist you in creating a children’s room that you are proud of…a room that is Pinterest worthy!

Written by,

Maria Corday