meet sue

of InsideOut Homestore

My talented sister Maria and I started Insideout Homestore in 1998. We were both born and raised in New Zealand by very imaginative parents who were great with design and encouraged all of my sisters, there are 4 of us, to be creative.

Maria left some years ago to pursue a hotter climate and after going to Vanuatu in the South Pacific, then Australia she eventually settled in The Bay of Islands in New Zealand.

I feel that home furnishing ought to complement our unique lifestyles. After all, we spend as much time with our furniture as we do with other people! Transforming your home into a fun and inviting space thats relaxed and easy to live in. My aim is to give you comfort that puts a smile on your face.

I draw my inspiration from comfortable Island Living – we know that great furniture and decor should inspire relaxation, creativity and togetherness. Providing high-quality pieces that feature exceptional style, supreme comfort, artful versatility and skillful craftsmanship are what we stand by.

The pieces whenever possible are made here on Vancouver Island, or within greater Canada and the US. Supporting other small businesses and craftspeople is vital to our economy and we think the quality speaks for itself.

We’re also dedicated to providing you with service that goes above and beyond. We’ve always known that our customers’ complete satisfaction is the number one reason we are still in business over 25 wonderful years.

Swing by today and start the conversation.