The signature for the store is relaxed, breezy, calm and comfortable lifestyle.   I always look for visual and tactile accessories to layer comfort and beauty to decor that is sustainable, simple but elegantly stunning and fun for an inviting comfortable home.


The signature of the store is slipcovered furniture for a a relaxed, breezy, calm and comfortable lifestyle.  Our seasonal accessories reflect the simple loves of everyday comfort of life with beautiful beach umbrellas for summer, hearts for love, natural organic simple decor for christmas, edison and twinkle lights for ambiance and candles, cards and small gift ideas for everyday occasions.   

Market Bags

Enjoy a stroll to local markets and local shops with one of our french inspired market baskets in various styles and sizes.

Rattan Baskets

Baskets in many sizes and styles for storage and adding texture into a space.

Linen Cushions

We love layering our slipcovered furniture with soft, plump linen cushions from Lithuania, creating a cozy, comfortable home.  All the linen is durable yet supple and super-comfortable prewashed linen.


A local artist beach combs the stunning beaches of Vancouver Island for driftwood and creating these beautiful sailboats.


The seagulls have been exclusive to InsideOut Homestore for over 25 years.  The same local artist from Vancouver Island who creates the sailboats is also the creator of these loveable seagulls who have found homes all over the world.


The mirrors vary in style and size reflecting light and beauty into your home.